AMPLUSION is a young and independent company with a modern approach and an old fashioned service policy.

Interim Management, Consultancy, a.o. matchmaking and partner search, and neutral Trade Support, a.o. supervision of import/export transactions, physical distribution and project management, are core activities.

From the head office in The Netherlands, AMPLUSION matches a wide variety of companies, and adds value to many links in the supply chain around the Globe, in close co-operation with a wide and experienced Partner Network.

In a continuing quest for service improvement, AMPLUSION combines advanced technological facilities with many years of practical experiences.

This ongoing process of improvement and a fair and social responsible way on which AMPLUSION realizes its revenues, characterize AMPLUSION as a modern 21st century company; Knowing its responsibility towards Customers, Partners and Society.

Reliable, efficient and solid, are keywords, which business relations can rely on.



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Updated: February 25, 2009

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